Monday, September 5, 2016

Interactive Vocabulary Unit Quarter 1

What does the research say about vocabulary instruction?
Research states that …one of the five essential components of reading instruction is vocabulary (Mancilla-Martinez & Lesaux, 2010), and that the continuous deficit in vocabulary knowledge…represents a major obstacle to academic achievement in vital areas such as reading comprehension… (August, Carlo, Dressler, & Snow, 2005). This vocabulary deficit is so large that it will take a multiyear approach of vocabulary instruction to substantially impact [this deficit](Biemiller, 1999); (Nagy, 2005).

What should we do about vocabulary instruction?
…vocabulary instruction should be multi-faceted, teaching of individual words, development of word learning strategies [i.e. use of context clues], fostering of word consciousness [i.e. prefix, root, and suffix]…(Baumann, Ware, & Edwards, 2007; Graves, 2006). This is called the Multi-faceted Vocabulary Instruction Program (MCVIP).

…limit focus on dictionary definitions and support instruction that presents words in a variety of contexts, provides multiple exposures, and promotes students’ active processing of new meanings (Beck, McKeown, & Kucan, 2013; Stahl & Fairbanks, 1986).

This Interactive Vocabulary Quarter 1 Unit will assist students in the process of learning and thus transferring the use of vocabulary words to a variety of content areas.

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